Hi, I'm Seb

I am the technical architect for your next creative project.
I provide experienced software development for creative teams with a slight notch of philosophy and an artistic touch. Art and Computers speak their own language, and I am the translator.

I am a philosopher navigating between art and programming, a tool box crafter and a restless tinkerer. I am passionate about the field bridging abstraction and implementation, on the balance between creative intuition and human logic and have an affinity for abstract patterns. Human beings are capable of introspection, mental time-travel, imagination, abstract reasoning, cultural emergence, aesthetic appreciation and morality. Our most valuable traits are immaterial, yet they define us. And they can only be manifested because there are languages that can form them. This phenomenon applies to machines as well. On a physical level, machines are a symphony of electrons, yet they evoke complex immaterial worlds. To build new worlds we need to have languages that can express them. My goal is to craft languages that embody new concepts to unleash new exciting ideas. Want to know more about me and my interests?
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  • Language.
  • Imagination.
  • Code.
  • Language.
  • Unreal Engine 4/5
  • c++
  • Unity
  • javascript ES6
  • godot & gdscript
  • git and version control
  • html
  • sass
  • houdini
  • python
  • blender
  • clojure
  • vvvv
  • adobe creative cloud

My Programming Personas


Automate but leave room for expression and manual work.


Features follow concepts, new ideas in line with the Technology.


Select the best part of multiple languages.


Find common patterns and build flexible solutions.


Find and adapt new solutions to existing problems.


Build systems that grow and can be changed easily.


Read source code and identify bugs quickly.


Write code that is both beautiful and functional.


Complexity arises from simplicity. Composition is the key.


Only stop when finding the solution.

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